Rds 71212 56" Length x 13" Width x 19.25" Height Rectangular Auxiliary/Transfer Fuel Tank - 60 Gallon Capacity

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Brand: Rds


  • 100% pressure tested
  • 3/16" heavy duty aluminum mounting brackets
  • Built-in baffles reduce sloshing
  • Diesel install kits are available for diesel gravity feed (sold separately)
  • DOT Approved Tank with 1/8" heavy-duty aluminum construction

Details: RDS-71212 Diamond Plate/60 Gallon Tp Rds-71212 Rds 55-200 Gallon Aluminum Transfer Tanks For Gas Or Dies Dot Approved - 25, 55, 60, 69, 80, 91, 150 And 200 Gallon Choices Tags: RDS Rectangular Fuel Transfer Tanks Feature: A DOT-approved tank can be used to transport diesel, gasoline, or aviation fuel. No-Rust 0.125" thick heavy-duty aluminum construction. Available tread plate of mill finish Fully welded seams and 100% pressure tested for leaks. Inernal built-in baffles reduce sloshing and weight transfer. DOT Approved rollover safety valve (vent). Includes 3/8" FTP drain plug and 3/8" coupling for pick up. A tank that can be used as a diesel aux tank with extra cost gravity feed installation kit. Big Brother is Watching - The DOT has some specific rules about carrying diesel fuel or gasoline. RDS Transfer Tanks are DOT certified for transferring diesel, gasoline, or aviation fuel. However, laws will vary from State to State - so we STRONGLY suggest that local and state level ordinances be reviewed before the purchase of a transfer or auxiliary tank. It Pays To Buy The Best - On some things, quality and experience should be your first consideration. RDS has been building aluminum transfer and auxiliary tanks for over 45 years. RDS products' build quality meets DOT's stringent standards and DOT certification is not a one-time thing. Facilities and construction techniques are constantly monitored and must be maintained to keep the certification. Thick 1/8" aluminum, continuously welded seams, and pressure testing for leaks are all part of the RDS manufacturing process. A Tank is Not Just a Tank - In the fuel tank world, a "Transfer Tank" is one that's used with a pump attached to fuel equipment or vehicles other than the vehicle carrying the tank. However, there's no rule against refueling the truck carrying the tank. The main thing is that the tank is not part of the truck's own fuel system. Tanks that are integrated into the truck

Package Dimensions: 56.0 x 19.3 x 13.0 inches

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