Better Built HD 36 Gallon Black Steel, Lid, Transfer Tank

Better Built HD 36 Gallon Black Steel, Lid, Transfer Tank

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Brand: Better Built

Color: black


  •  Large 36-gallon capacity
  • Overfill restriction provides automatic shutoff at the pump to prevent spilling
  • Built-in baffles add strength and prevent contents from shifting during transport
  • 2in. dia. flush-mounted inlet and outlet bungs allow for fast flow
  • Lockable cap adds security

Details: The Heavy Duty truck tool box series was created for the working professionals that depend on their truck tool box every day to get the job done. The HD series is the most feature-rich, highest quality, truck tool box line on the market. HD truck tool boxes are built with many extra features above and beyond our other product lines. HD Transfer Tanks provide easy transport and storage of non-flammable liquids. Overfill restriction allows for automatic shut-off at the pump and the lockable cap and coupler allow venting. Flush mounted dual reinforced bungs strengthen the pump mounting location. Baffles add strength while preventing contents from shifting too quickly. Fully welded mounting brackets allow for easy mounting of the tank. All tanks are 100% quality inspected with a dual pressure and submersion leak test prior to leaving the factory.

Package Dimensions: 46.1 x 21.3 x 13.0 inches

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